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Below are some informational tips to help managers, coaches, and parents teach the proper mechanics of Little League Baseball.

Throwing Mechanics

Four Seam Grip

Learn the difference between a 2 and 4-seam grip and how to teach the proper grip to younger baseball players.

Pitching Mechanics 101

When working with Majors level pitchers, focus on 3 things: balance, power, and the finish.

Throwing Mechanics

Former MLB player Brian Hunter steps through the mechanics of throwing and advises on how to teach this to a Little League Minors athlete.

Pitching with the Fastball

At this level, a pitcher's number one priority should be to develop command over their fastball by having a consistent delivery. Steve Bernhardt of Baseball Factory explains.

The Impact of Foot Work

When you teach youth athletes about good, quick footwork, you'll also improve their throwing mechanics. Former MLB player Brian Hunter explains.

Arm Strength and Routine

In this video, Steve Bernhardt of Baseball Factory makes recommendations for keeping young pitchers healthy while also getting them into a routine to build strength.

The Mechanics of Hitting

Hitting Stance

Your body positioning and your position in the batters box are vital to finding the perfect hitting stance. Coach Rich Hill explains.

Hands at Launch Position

University of San Diego Head Coach Rich Hill explains the importace of getting your hands into the top of the strike zone and getting your front foot down to maximize power out of your launch position.

Load Position in the Swing

Gain power and momentum throught the correct downward and forward step when loading or starting your swing.

Start the Swing

Learn to flex your front side, explode with your bottom hand, and allow your core to generate a powerful swing.

Glide and Stride

Learn to take the perfect stride to the baseball and unleash the energy you've loaded up in preparation for your swing.

Hand Path and Position st Impact

In this video, Coach Rich Hill steps you through the position and path of your hands at impact. Both are vital to finding the plane of the baseball and making strong contact.

Finishing the Swing

Finishing your swing is just as important as the loading phase. Finish high, clear your back hip, and keep that back foot up on your toes to get the best results.

Keys to Being a Successful Infielder

Infielder Pre-pitch Preperation

Being prepared is the key to making successful plays in the infield. Use the creep and hop technique to improve your range and stop anything that may come your way.

Backhand Play

The backhand play relies on a quick first step, keeping your left foot forward, and having fluidity of motion for your pick, turn and throw.

Fielding a Ground Ball

The approach, set up, and actual pick of the ground ball all rely on proper footwork. This only comes from practicing the correct techniques and methods of attack.

Forehand Play

The forehand play is a truly separating factor between level of play. Learn what it takes to give yourself that edge in the forehand action.

Pick, Exchange, & Throw

When fielding a ball, set yourself up for an efficient pick and exchange and a clean, powerful throw with these tips from USD Head Coach Rich Hill.

Fielding the Ball While on the Run

To successfully field on the run, be aggressive, exchange low, and aim for the outside shoulder. It is important for the infield to attack ground balls and for the outfield to stay behind fly balls.

Double Play

It takes two - the sure man and the quick man. Learn to work together to perfect the double play.

Tagging the Runner Out

Precise technique will ensure you have the best chance of tagging a runner out. Learn how to prepare for and execute the tag.

Infield Positioning on a Cut Off

Prepitch setup, communication, and positioning are all keys to being a successful part of the cut off play. It is important to remain in an athletic position and close the distance to your outfielder, depending on his arm strength.

Throwing Motion in a Cut Off

The throwing motion in a cut off play needs to be quick and precise. Coach Newhan describes the throwing motion and footwork involved.

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