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This league is specifically designed for boys and girls ages 9‐10 that become eligible to play in the Minors division only if they have attended the mandatory skill evaluation session and will be placed on a Minors team roster subject to the discretion of the Goodyear Little League Player Agent.


If a “League Age” ten (10) year old wishes to “play up” in Majors baseball there are some requirements: 1) they must attend evaluations. 2) the player must be drafted. If they are not drafted in that window they will be made available to the Minors division coaches for drafting in that league. This is entirely the discretion of the local Goodyear Little League board of directors based on player evaluations. In the Minors division players are exposed to live player pitching. This division allows for younger and less experienced players to develop their skills or is their first introduction to player pitch that may need more work on fundamentals that are less developed than expected at the Major League level. 



Teams are organized by a coach’s draft of all available players. The level of competition increases with emphasis on basic skills, playmaking decisions, teamwork and respect for umpires and coaches. Balanced teams are formed as Managers draft players to be on their team using results from the mandatory skills evaluation. Scorekeeping, pitch counts, game scores, standings, end of season Tournament are all aspects of the Minors division. This division follows the conventional Little League rules. Trained volunteer umpires enforce the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball. All players must reside within Goodyear Little League boundaries and be drafted through a player evaluation.

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