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Please remember you must provide the following information upon registration of your child:

  • Childs Birth Certificate (or copy)

  • Most current Tetanus Toxoid Booster shot records (dtap)

  • 3 proofs of residency are required "Per Little League International rules, three utility bills constitute one proof of residency."   Please see list of acceptable documents below.

  • Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted.


List of approved documents "Proof of residency" 

1. Driver’s License

2. Voter’s Registration 

3. School Records 

4. Welfare / Child Care Records 

5. Federal Records 

6. State Records 

7. Local (Municipal) Records 

8. Support Payment Records 

9. Homeowner or Tenant Records 

10. Utility Bills (i.e.) 

• Gas

• Electric

• Water / Sewer

• Phone

• Mobile Phone

• Heating

• Waste Disposal

11. Financial Records (i.e.) 

• Loan

• Credit

• Investments

12. Insurance Documents 

13. Medical Records 

14. Military Records 

15. Internet, Cable or Satellite Records 

16. Vehicle Records 

17. Employment Records 


NOTE:  Three utility bills (three items from #10 above) constitute only one (1) proof of residency, for example.

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