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This league is specifically designed for boys and girls ages 5‐6. Players who are league age five (5) who have had one year of Little League experience at the Tee Ball level that are experienced and who are looking for a new challenge are encouraged to play coach pitch. The Farm division is an instructional league that introduces many children to the basics of baseball, such as throwing, catching, hitting, and defensive field positions. The coach pitches to their own batters using a Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) baseball for safety. We do not keep score or team records in this league. Teams are formed based on geography, schools, and special requests. A higher priority is placed on playing with friends, neighbors and school associations. Games are intended to be fun for all players, no matter what their talent level, and should build a foundation for all kids moving up to the Cactus division with the ability to understand the basics of baseball. This division follows the conventional Little League rules. Players will be placed geographically based on request and/or nearest Goodyear public elementary school. All players must reside within Goodyear Little League boundaries.

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