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Goodyear Little League Questions and Answers

Below are several topics of discussion that GYLL is asked on a regular basis. If your question is not listed below, please email us at and a representative will get back with you as soon as possible.


Can I request a specific coach or for my player to be on the same team as another player?

Little League rules do not allow us to place players and coaches on teams by request unless there are extenuating circumstances. This allows the League to build teams that are fair and fun for all players. GYLL establishes teams by placing players based upon the clsoest school to where they live. So chances are, your player will be on the same team as other players from your neighborhood! This rule does not apply to Minors, Majors, and Juniors as they are selected to teams based upon a draft from tryouts. For extenuating circumstances request, please email our Player Agent to ask for a Board review of your circumstances.


I don't feel like my child is ready to move up to the next division.

This is  a common feeling for many parents. Rest assured, your player will be playing with many other children that are at the same level they are. Sometimes, moving up to the next division is what helps your child move past their current skill level and excel. If you still feel that your child may need one more year in their current division, check the box that says "play down" on the online registration form and we will place your child in the division below their League Age division.


I feel my player's skill level requires them to "play up" a division.

There are only a few circumstances in which the League will let a player "play up" in an older division. Please refer to our "Play Up" policy for clarification. Most players have more fun being the best in their division versus at the bottom of an older team! Remember, your 8 year old playing up could be playing with 10 and 11 year olds that have skills that far surpass them. We strive to make sure our division are fair, fun, and appropriate for all players.


Where do I send my player's residency proof and birth certificate?

There are three ways in which to get your player's documentation to Goodyear Little League. You can scan and email them to the Player Agent, bring them to an on-site registration, or mail them to our mailing address on the contact page.


When do practices start and what day of the week are they?

Practices usually start the first week of March. Your coach will decide what days of the week your practices wil be on based upon field avaiablity and their own avaiability. Our coaches are all volunteers and we have to sometimes work around their schedules. If you have not heard from a coach prior to the beginning of March, please contact our Coaching Coordinator so they may assist you.

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