Spring Evaluations 

Softball Evaluations

Date:  2/12

Time: TBD

Baseball Evaluations

Date: 2/12 

Time: TBD

*League age 8 year old's staying in the Cactus division DO NOT need to attend evaluations.

*Show up one hour before your designated tryout time for check in and warm up  

Make Up Evaluations

Date: 2/15

Time: TBD

All  Baseball & Softball players that are 8-12 years old that didn't make evaluations on Saturday

All players ages 9-12 are required to attend an evaluation "try-out" in order for coaches to see your players skills and abilities. Coaches evaluate your child's skills in 4 main categories: Hitting, throwing, catching, and awareness. The week following evaluations, all players are placed in a draft pool and the coaches select players in a formal draft process. All players are assigned to teams in order of their draft pick. All players make a team no matter their skill level, there are no cuts.

*Goodyear Little League "Play-up" Policy

The following criteria will be followed to determine how and whether a player will be eligible to be selected for a team in a draft division higher than the current Goodyear Little League age guidelines. 


Condition #1 – Player must be registered with Goodyear Little League.

Condition #2 – Player must attend the Player Evaluations.

Condition #3 – Player must be acknowledged by the target division’s

                        coaches that he/she has demonstrated baseball skill

                        sets which will enable the player to compete in games

                        at that division.

Condition #4 – A team in the target division must have a vacancy.

                        Priority for team assignment will be placed on players

                        who are already eligible for that division.