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Baseball - Age Chart Click Here

Tee Ball:  Ages 4-6        (Games on Tuesday evening & Saturday morning)    
Farm:          Ages 5-6          (Games on Thursday evening & Saturday morning)     
Cactus:        Ages 7-8       (Games on Wednesday evening & Saturday morning)         
Minors:    Ages 9-11        (Games on Monday evening & Friday Evening) 
Majors:   Ages 11-12   (Games on Monday evening & Friday Evening
Juniors:      Ages 13-14   (Games TBD)  
Challenger:   specifically designed for boys and girls with mentally and/or physically disabled youth to enjoy the full benefits of Little League ages 4‐18. (Games on Saturday Mornings 
Softball - Age Chart Click Here

Minis:    Ages 6-8          (Games on Thursday evening & Saturday morning)
Minors:   Ages 9-11        (Games on Wednesday evening & Saturday morning)
Majors:     Ages  11-12     (Games on Tuesday evening and Friday evening)
Juniors:      Ages 13-14   (Games TBD   

* Age refers to League Age as defined by National Little League rules. League Age is the age the child is or will be prior to            May 1st or August 31st  based upon their birth year. You can calculate your League Age above.

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