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Goodyear Little League would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the City of Goodyear for their commitment and dedication to making the Little League experience for the kids of this city a cherished lifelong memory. GYLL would be negligent if it did not acknowledge the city’s role in making the GYLL a reality from the very beginning and how they made it possible for each season to be better than the last. 


The facilities provided by the City are exceptional.  Each year our players look forward to stepping up to the plate where the big boys play and the pictures parents take there will remain timeless. 


After 10 years of working hand in hand with the City of Goodyear, the GYLL will be taking the next step to bring itself in line with Little League organizational standards by assuming all responsibilities to managing the league - specifically registration, uniforms, umpires, equipment, etc.  The GYLL board is grateful that the City of Goodyear has extended their full support to this effort, and we in turn look forward to partnering with the city for years to come.

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