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This league is specifically designed for boys and girls ages 7‐8 that are ready for a more advanced level of baseball. We believe the very next best experience after coach pitch is machine pitch. The combination of the pitching machine and the introduction of player pitch to the Cactus division will develop player skills in a non competitive baseball environment. This is truly a unique baseball experience in the Goodyear Little League baseball program that introduces players to live pitching from the player pitch position. The first half of the season, pitching is done with a pitching machine using a Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) baseball for safety and the second half the season player pitch will be implemented into the Cactus division. This division is designed to further develop player’s basic skills and offer more competition. This division is always the most exciting division to watch as the players develop skills in a hitting and fielding fast moving experience like no other baseball division. Teams are formed based on geography, schools, and special requests. If a “League Age” eight (8) year old wishes to “play up” in Minors baseball there are some requirements: 1) they must attend evaluations. 2) the player must be drafted. If they are not drafted in that window they will be placed on a team in the Cactus baseball machine pitch division. This is entirely the discretion of the local Goodyear Little League board of directors based on player evaluations. This division follows the conventional Little League rules. Players will be placed geographically based on the nearest Goodyear public elementary school. All players must reside within Goodyear Little League boundaries.

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